Aspiring illustrator and a-level art student blogging the many artists and illustrators, that influence and inspire me in my projects and everyday art.
Ok. I'm going to try to start posting my own work, this will be a long and lengthy process, and due to my A-levels, these posts will be intermittent at best. But I'm going to try to do this as often as possible.
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Postcard: Aquaplaning, San Diego Bay, Calif, postmarked 1939
From the Southwest Postcard Collection
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The blend of the feminine palette with the natural slate tones of the pencil she works in, give Helmi Sirola’s illustrations the sense of the ethereal. She uses her favoured graphite medium skilfully with super soft shading that pairs perfectly with soft hues
Hsiao-Ron Cheng Painting Stories of Childlike and Cruel Creatures in Muted Tones
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